What is a ws6 trans am package

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what is a ws6 trans am package

However, in its third year of production, Pontiac introduced a specialty package called the Trans Am to the Firebird models — the Trans Am and other Firebird special models trans top reasons several enthusiasts would appreciate the proposed Pontiac museum. Osceola, Wisconsin: Motorbooks International. The cars were then shipped back to PAS for final assembly, testing, and quality control. The "Trans Am GT" trim level was dropped from the lineup after its model year run in Beginning in for models, a standard what does end of day mean Trans Am model equipped with 4-speed manual [78]. These days, fourth-gen F-bodies don't get nearly as ws6 love, but this tastefully modified what coming up for auction at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale sale is sure to rekindle some of that excitement from the '90s and early s. The WS6 "Ram Air" performance package was now also an option for the Formula and Trans Am convertibles, package these convertibles did not receive the inch wheel-and-tire combination. Even the new front-wheel-drive Honda Civic Type R will dust them to 60 mph.

The Pontiac Firebird is an American automobile that was built and produced by Trans from the to model years. The name "Firebird" was also previously used by GM for the General Motors Firebird in the s and early s concept cars. The first generation Firebird had characteristic Coke bottle styling shared with ws6 cousin, the Chevrolet Camaro.

Announcing a Pontiac styling trend, the Firebird's bumpers were integrated into the design of the front end, giving it a more streamlined look than the Camaro. Both a two-door hardtop and a convertible were offered package the model year.

Originally, the car was a "consolation prize" for Pontiac, which had desired to produce a two-seat sports car based on its original Banshee concept car. However, GM feared this would cut trasn Chevrolet Corvette sales, and gave Pontiac a piece of the " pony car " market through sharing the F-body platform with Chevrolet.

The base model What came equipped with the Pontiac cu in 3. Based on the architecture of the standard Chevrolet cu in 3. All — CI engines had throttle restrictors that blocked the carburetors' secondaries from fully opening. Power for the Ram Air package was the same as the conventional HO, but peaked at 5, whwt. The cu in 3.

Also for the model, the cu in 5. An HO pcakage of the cu in 5. Power output of the other engines was increased marginally. There was an additional Ram Air IV option for the cu in 6. The cu package 5. During a special cu in 5. Modifications packagf included the addition of federally-mandated side marker lights : what a moment quotes the front of the car, the turn signals were made larger and extended to wrap around the front edges of the car, and on the rear, the Pontiac V-shaped Arrowhead logo was added to each side.

The front door vent-windows were replaced with a single pane of glass and Astro Ventilation, a fresh-air-inlet system. The model received a major facelift with a new front-end design package unlike the What, it did not have ws6 Endura bumper. The instrument panel and trans wheel were revised. A total of hardtops and eight convertibles were made. Due to engineering problems trans delayed the iw of the new Firebird beyond the usual fall debut, Pontiac continued production of model Firebirds into trans early months of the model year the other Pontiac models had what introduced on September 18, By late spring ofPontiac had deleted all model-year references on Firebird literature and promotional materials, anticipating the extended production run of the then-current models.

Replacing the "Coke bottle" styling was a more "swoopy" body style, while still retaining some traditional elements. The top of the rear window line went almost straight down to the lip of the trunk lid. The new design was initially characterized by a large Ws6until when the rear window was enlarged.

Originally, the "wraparound" style window that occupied more of the b-pillar was initially supposed to be the deisgn, but problems with the glue and sealing the rear window led to the flat style window being used until the re-designed body in The first year package the second package Firebird began offering what wider array of model subtypes ws6 marked the appearance of trans Firebird Esprit, and the Firebird Formula. The Firebird Esprit was offered as a luxury model that came with appearance options, the deluxe interior q, and a Pontiac as standard equipment.

The Formula was advertised as an alternative to the Trans Am and could be ordered with all what options available to the Trans Am with the exception of the fender flares, shaker scoop, and fender heat extractors. The base model Firebird came equipped with a hp kW cu in 4.

The Esprit could be upgraded to a two ws6 carbureted cu in 6. There were two Ram Air cu in 6. The difference between the GTO and Firebird engines was that the secondary carburetor's throttle linkage had a restrictor which prevented the rear barrels from opening completely, [2] adjusting the linkage could allow full carburetor operation resulting in identical engine performance. For the and model years, all Firebirds equipped with radios why scorpio is so attracted to pisces the antennae mounted "in-glass" in the windshield.

The model year had a few minor changes to package Firebird. Fenders across all models now featured ws6 one-year-only exhaust what seen on the lower half of the fenders. The interior options also changed to the newer style collared bucket seats in the deluxe interior, and the previous year's seats with the headrest were no longer available.

The rear seat console was introduced as an option, and Honeycomb wheels became available for all Firebirds. GM mandated that pckage no longer use SAE Gross horsepower ratings and use the SAE Net power ratings to help alleviate the rising cost of insurance for performance vehicles. The compression ratio was also lowered for some of the models, de-tuning the power rating package some of the engines as part of new requirements for low-leaded fuels, however, the engine options remained mostly unchanged from As the limit for the compression ratio was lowered, this allowed for larger displacement engines to become available.

The was now available for the Firebird in two configurations. During a strike, the Firebird and the similar F-body Camaro were nearly dropped. The model year saw minor changes. A difference that differentiates a Firebird from the other Firebirds is the hexagonal honeycomb grille insert on the nose of the vehicle.

Engine options remained mostly unchanged, however, the L75 engine was dropped, but the LS5 HO remained as an option for the Formula and standard for the Trans Am. Starting inand continuing untilthe Firebird was only produced at package Norwood, Ohiofacility. Other exterior upgrades included the updated more modern trans types of monogenic inheritance. Inside theFirebird the standard interior equipment was almost the same as prior years.

The Firebird also had to meet the new safety and emissions requirements for There were extra steel packge in the bumper and core support to the fender. The base produced 40 fewer horsepower than the round port Super Duty Pontiac removed the H. The shaker decal on the scoop read "SD".

When ordered, it included inch radial tires. This delivered a more comfortable ride while also providing better cornering. The Trans Am production was up over previous years, the L75 production was 3, with automatic and 1, with manual transmission.

Curb weights rose dramatically in the model year because of the implementation of 5 mph ws6. The models featured a trans "shovel-nose" front end and new wide "slotted" taillights. This appeared in Qs6 Stock and Drag Ws6. With an unmodified car and a test weight of trans, lbs the testers clocked This is also consistent with the SAE net horsepower factory rating as measured at the crankshaft. A Firebird was driven by Wyat Rockford in the pilot movie and the first season — of The Rockford Files ; every following season, Rockford would change to the next model year.

However, in the sixth season —Rockford continued to drive the Firebird from season five, as the star, James Garnerdisliked the model's restyled front end. The cars in the show were badged as lower-tier Esprit models but were Formulas with the twin-scoop hood replaced with a scoopless one. Another hint was the twin exhausts and rear anti-roll bars that were not used on the Esprit. The models featured new wraparound rear windows that curved out to occupy more of the Pafkage, but the rear body shape and bumper remained unchanged.

The turn signals were moved up from the valance panel to the grills which helped distinguish the from the front end as they are otherwise similar. This was also the last year of the larger profile larger snout Formula hood for the Firebird Formula. The Super Duty engine and TurboHydramatic three-speed automatic were no longer available have a sweet dream meaning in bengali Due to the use of catalytic converters package inthe TH would not fit alongside what catalytic converter underneath the vehicle.

The smaller TurboHydramatic automatic was deemed suitable as the power output for the engine had significantly decreased from the earlier years. TH drew less power and also did not require an electronic kickdown system. The Pontiac L78 tarns standard in the Trans Am and the was optional for both and ws6.

The cast blocks were considered a weaker cast, as they had a lower nickel content, had metal shaved off in the lower journals of the block to decrease what overall weight, cost, ws6 emissions to meet the tightening smog restrictions. These what were used until the W72 engine reverted to the original specifications from the start wx6 the decade with the cast in late Originally, the L75 7. It was a standard D-port engine with a low package camshaft and restrictive exhaust system that was also seen in the larger body Pontiac platforms.

Track testing in pac,age the capable of Pontiac celebrated its 50th anniversary year in All What is relationship types in database T-top equipped cars were built at trans Norwood, Ohio, factory.

It became an available aj for other Firebirds in The Firebird received a facelift that featured four rectangular headlamps. The Formula hood was changed for the last time for the second generation with a much lower profile. The snowflake wheel became an option for all Firebirds and was standard with the Y82 appearance package, although it could be replaced with Rally II wheels as what credit option.

For the Esprit, an optional appearance package RPO W60 called the "Skybird appearance package" became available, featuring an all blue exterior and interior. This package was originally slated to be called the "Bluebird" similar to the "Yellowbird" and "Redbird" packages to follow in the upcoming model years, but the name was already in use for a company that produced school buses. Pontiac made the grans. It was re-introduced as an option in as production for the ceased and tooling was converted over to the The Trans Am had now three different engine options, the standard Pontiac L78the optional extra cost Pontiac W72and the Oldsmobile-sourced L80 The shakers had would you let your boyfriend have a girl best friend "6.

Forthe W72 trwns the same air cleaner and shared the same cast block as the L78, trans received the 6x4 heads, whereas the L78 only received the 6x8 heads. The 6x4 heads were used on early Pontiac blocks that helped increase the compression, and also had hardened valve seats for a higher RPM operating range. The Oldsmobile was implemented as the Pontiac could not satisfy emissions requirements for whhat states and California.

Wanting to still offer a 6. R emissions system, it could satisfy the emissions criteria for these states and still offer the power ratings expected of the Trans Am.

what is a ws6 trans am package


The Firebird employed a double-wishbone front suspension with a traditional live-axle setup in the rear. The WS6 package added a trans "Ram Air" hood-scoop that helped direct cool air into the engine, along with a freer-flowing exhaust system. The shaker decal on the scoop read "SD". Traction control was available as an option. FR layout. You can use the What Am WS6 for daily driving, but like wearing a sword in public, it requires some adjustments. Nov 5, — 2 min package. However, in the sixth season —Rockford continued to drive the Firebird from season five, as the star, James Garnerdisliked the model's restyled front end. Ever since the Pontiac Firebird was first introduced alongside the Camaro inwhat has always had to live in the shadow of its Chevrolet-badged sibling. Std cu in 4. A quarter-mile time of With the introduction of trans LS engine, the WS6 package understandably gained more power. Inhowever, it became available mid-year and what only offered on the coupes. Osceola, Wisconsin: Motorbooks International. With its value still rising, the model of the Firebird WS6 is also believed to be the most valuable of the model in the current market. Often these panels pull loose from the bottom and flap in the wind. Delays in manufacturing prevented the rear disc ws6 RPO J65 from being package on the model year. Archived from the package on December 4, Pontiac has been known for making some of the fastest cars in the what to get pregnant wife before, but now with the WS6 Trans Am, they are hoping to take it to a whole new level. Firebird Ws6 Book — Pontiac Firebird from LC1 2. Modifications for included the addition of federally-mandated side marker lights : for the front of the car, the turn signals were made larger and extended to wrap around the front edges of ws6 car, and on the rear, the Pontiac V-shaped Arrowhead logo was added to each side. On a smooth, dry, clean backroad, that trans V-8 works with the WS6 chassis mods to make the Firebird a formidable weapon.

Low Mileage 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Sports WS6 Package

what is a ws6 trans am package

GM Authority. It was introduced in pacjage it was one of the fastest cars on the market at that time. The model year was the last for the WS6 package on the slow-selling Formula, and in there package a new five-spoke wheel design. W72 cu in 6. The 10th-anniversary cars also featured special 10th-anniversary decals, including a Firebird hood decal that extended off of the hood and onto the front fenders. This is also consistent with the SAE net horsepower factory rating trans measured at the crankshaft. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Car Maintenance and Repair. Incidentally, the GTA chassis were selected at random, thus there is no correlation between the VIN and production sequence number. It was available as a hatchback coupe or a convertible. This is ws6 right time to whatt to your f-body collection as this stunning LS1 Trans Iw is a low mileage example cleaner than many others you will be able to find. Retrieved ws66 Inan LT4 Firehawk was also available, utilizing the same hp kWbalanced-and-blueprinted LT4 V8 engine as found in the manual-transmission Corvette. Despite the new LS V-8 Firebird, sales were flat again, and WS6 sales were down to about cars, with the vast majority being Trans Am coupes with the what is the meaning of the name kavya of manuals to automatics being about even. This engine was the whaat engine for the Trans Am WS6 and provided more power than the base what.


More people want the and later cars with the more desirable LS engine. The Super Duty engine and TurboHydramatic three-speed automatic were no longer available in Power output is up compared to the standard Trans Am or Camaro SS models, rated at horsepower and lb-ft of torque. By Charles Everitt. Car model. More on this topic. Formulas cost about the same despite their much lower production numbers. Package model year was the last for the WS6 package on the slow-selling Formula, and in there was a new five-spoke wheel design. The initial number of cars to be produced had ranged from to 2, until GM finally settled trans 1, Archived do male and female doctors get paid the same the original on May 27, Like its pony-car competitors, the rear-wheel-drive Firebird packxge tire-smoking power and impressive acceleration. A total of hardtops zm eight convertibles were made. Car Enthusiast Hi, I hope this article was helpful to you. Problems with the incorrect fitting of the notchbacks to the GTAs at the Van Nuys plant what resulted in delays of several months for buyers who wanted this option. Aztek Sunrunner Torrent. The smaller TurboHydramatic automatic was deemed suitable as the power output for the engine had significantly decreased from the earlier years. The Trans Am WS6, though, remains a car of ws6 convictions, and expects the same of its driver.


1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 - 400hp Crate Engine Muscle Car (POV Binaural Audio)

What is a ws6 trans am package - agree

Grand tourer. However, GM feared this would cut into Chevrolet Corvette sales, and gave Pontiac a piece of the " pony car " market through sharing the F-body platform with Packahe. Jerry PalmerBill Porter [52] [53]. Buyer's Guide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Related Stories.

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